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Suggest the Right Keywords for Our Business

BlockaWords offers you a well known keyword suggesting and ownership claiming platform provides an option to suggest new keywords and get rewarded when the first sale his suggested keywords happens. BlockaWords offers an extra benefit to boost your sites in BlockaBase search engine and provide an opportunity to receive more traffic to your own sites.

Earn Rewards by Suggesting Unlimited Keywords

You will get a great chance to collect the rewards from suggesting wide range of powerful keywords. Keywords can be any text word that have new keyword trends.

Opportunity to Boost Your Websites

You will get an extra opportunity to boost your own website URLs in BlockaBase along with the keyword suggestion in BlockaWords. The website URL will be highlighted as the first result in BlockaBase.

Search Based Royalty on Your Keyword NFTs

You can easily claim your keyword ownership and once the claiming process is completed and verified you will get a chance to earn royalty based on the number of searches in BlockaBase for the specific keyword you owns.

Benefits of Suggesting Keyword

By suggesting new keywords to BlockaWords, you will get a chance to enjoy the benefits. Users can suggest any number of keywords to the BlockaWords ecosystem and there by get a great chance to offer valuable keywords to our business.

  • Chance to discover and donate trending words to our business.
  • Opportunity to earn rewards for the first sale of your keyword.
  • Boost your domains in BlockaBase as the first result for few days and there by increase the traffic.

NFT Ownership Claim and Royalty

You can easily claim for your keyword NFT ownership from member panel and get an opportunity to collect the royalty on the basis of searches for that keyword in Blockabase. In order to claim for an ownership you have to upgrade your account to an agent account by completing the KYC procedures. The KYC procedure is simple process where user can submit the list of documents suggested and admin will verify it and approve the request.

KYC Your Account

To claim an NFT ownership first step is to send a request for claim the keyword by submitting the keyword and the ownership wallet address from your member panel. This will be added as a pending claiming request. Inorer to claim for an NFT ownership you have to upgrade your account to an agent account by completing the KYC procedures.

Verify the Claiming Address

In order to validate the claim ownership, you have to send a small validation fee to the admin wallet address specified during the validation process exactly from the same ownership wallet address that is requested during claiming process. Once the amount is properly send the claiming request will get validated and verified. This will be applicable if the NFT ownership is other then BlockaPlay.

Earn Search Based Royalty

Once the keyword ownership claiming is verified and validated, you will be eligible for acquiring royalty from the basis of searches in BlockaBase. The royalty will be credited to your account on the basis of searches of the specific keyword in BlockaBase.

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